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Our firm is registered with the Hong Kong law society more than 10 years ago and our founder Ms S. W. Wong has been running her own practice since the year 1997.  Currently we have lawyers qualified in the jurisdictions of UK, Australia, India, China apart from Hong Kong.  Ms Wong is qualified in Hong Kong and UK in the year of 1992 and 1993 respectively and also appointed as a China-appointed Attesting Officer by the Justice Ministry of the People's Republic of China in the year 2003 to attest legal documents signed in Hong Kong for use in China.  With over 20 years of experience of our Ms Wong practicing in Hong Kong, our firm is well positioned to offer practical legal solutions to both corporations and individuals. 

Our firm has also been approved by the Justice Department of China to set up a Representative office in Guangzhou China in the year 2007 and this has helped facilitate us to serve the legal needs of our clients both in Hong Kong and China.  Our approach is to focus on making valuable contribution to the business and personal aspects of our clients and develop long-term relationships built on mutual understanding and trust. The services and advice we provide to our clients are tailor-made and stem from our practical approach, extended experience and most of all our care for the well- being of our clients.  

Apart from serving the public with posts such as being Adjudicator of the Registration of Persons Tribunal from the year 2005 to 2011 and Panel Member of the Municipal Services Appeals Board since the year 2009, Ms Wong was also appointed as Panel Member of Drainage Appeal Board (DABP) in the year 2010 and has recently been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Board. She was also a Panel Member of Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) since this year.  Also in the year 2011, Ms Wong was appointed a reverse mortgage counsellor and this post has made her realized that our rapidly aging population does create a new different demand of services.  This new demand is also confirmed by the recent announcement that the life span of Hong Kong men and women is the longest in the world.  

More and more of our clients nowadays are becoming aware of the need to make provisions for future situations relating to dementia, stroke and coma.  Hong Kong is a very international city, many of our clients have their children or close family members working or living abroad. They therefore feel the need to approach us for advice as to what they should do in the event that one day they become incapable of taking care of their own affairs.   For some of them, even with their children around, they still would like to have an independent professional to act for them to make the best objective decision for them should the above events happen.  

It is against the above background that we have set up a professional and caring team to provide for tailor-made solutions to our clients to assist them to make a living will or enduring and lasting powers of attorney to cover for situations when one day they become incapable of caring for themselves.




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